Working woman: how to choose the perfect watch?

Automatic watches for women are accessories with a dual purpose, the first is of course functional, the other is fashion. These are the two issues at the heart of the choice of a watch for a woman.

The design of the watch

Sporty, elegant or luxurious, automatic women’s watches can take different shapes and designs. The design will say a lot about you, your personality and your social status. However, as a working woman, you can vary your styles according to your desires and needs.

For example, to sport a dynamic look, a sportier watch can perfectly complete your ensemble.
For an evening out, an elegant watch will complete your outfit and enhance your wrists. A rule to remember: for slim wrists, opt for automatic women’s watches with a small dial and medium strap. On the other hand, for large wrists, you should choose a large dial and a very thin strap.

Finally, regarding the design, there is one point to watch out for: visual overload. A watch that looks blinged out is often a sign of poor quality and bad taste. “Simplicity is the key to elegance” as Coco Chanel once said. Your watch must meet this criterion of refinement.

The shape and composition of your case

Today, watches come in different shapes: round, oval, square and rectangular. However, the round shape is currently more in vogue.

If the style is important, the materials that compose your watch are just as important. Indeed, on the one hand, because they directly influence the design, but also because they directly affect the perceived quality of your watch.

The choice of a watch is a decision dictated by use and by your personality. These two points will dictate the overall design of your watch.