Instruction manual

How to use and take care of your watch

Good to know

  • Make sure that the watch does not rest on a vibrating element.
  • Do not leave your watch near a magnetic source (magnet, speakers, etc.).
  • Avoid thermal shocks and exposure to extreme temperatures below 0°C or above 50°C (sauna, steam room, etc.).
  • Avoid using corrosive or chemical products to clean your watch.
  • The leather of the strap should be regularly aired and cleaned.
  • After swimming, remember to rinse your watch in fresh water.
  • Make sure that the crown is always in contact with the case of your watch.
  • Avoid leaving your watch motionless for a long period of time. Only regular wear prevents the oils in the mechanism from freezing.
  • Never attempt to open the watch yourself.
  • Have your watch checked every 5 years by our workshop.
  • Avoid any contact with chemical substances (petrol, thinners, perfumes, glues, paints, etc.) to prevent early deterioration of your watch

Don’t do

  • Do not change the date when the hour hand is between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.
  • Do not wind your automatic watch directly on your wrist. Be sure to remove it before winding.
  • Do not wear your watch while playing contact sports.
  • Never pull the crown out while the watch is underwater.


Your watch has been carefully checked and will remain water-resistant if you take the following precautions:

– Make sure that the crown is at its initial position to prevent damage to the mechanism. To do so, press the crown completely against the case.

– Never operate the crown when your watch is in contact with water or simply wet.

The water resistance of your watch is ensured by a sophisticated gasket system. They are subject to attack from various external factors (perspiration, temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, chlorinated or salty water, dust, etc.). Even if the gaskets fulfill their role perfectly, Beaubleu recommends that you have your watch checked every 5 years by our workshop in order to carry out a water-resistance check.


Winding up allows the movement to store the energy necessary for the good functioning of your watch.

“Automatic” means that your watch stores energy automatically when you wear it by simply swinging your wrist. Your daily movements allow the oscillating weight to perform rotary movements which, with a system of gears in the mechanism, release the energy necessary for the movement to work properly and operate without you having to wind your watch manually.

If you have not worn your watch for several days, it will have to be wound manually. To do so, turn the crown clockwise when it is in position 0. As soon as the resistance increases, the mechanism is sufficiently wound. When you feel the resistance increasing, do not force it, as you risk damaging the movement mechanism.


You can set the time of your watch using the crown.

1/ Pull the crown of your watch fully out to position 2 to set the time.

2/ Turn the crown counterclockwise and advance the minute hand slowly to stop it at the selected minute.

3/ At the desired time, push the crown as far as it goes against the case in position 0. The watch will instantly resume operation.

How to set the date

For the Vitruve Date Steel

Rotate the crown in position 1 in order to go around the dial with the hour hand. Passing midnight, the date will switch.

If it is not the case, repeat it one more time.

When the date is changed, push the crown in position 2 and rotate it clockwise to set the right date.

Then, set the time if necessary.

Changing your strap

Change easily your strap without tools

The bracelets of the Union Collection watches have a lug pump. Thus, they are easily interchangeable without tools. The advantage of these lugs is that you will be able to change your watch strap as many times as you like, quickly and without the risk of scratching the middle of your watch.

  1. Place your watch flat with the dial face up against a flat surface that does not slide or scratch (cloth or towel).
  2. At the end of your bracelet, between the lugs, you can see the lug, a small protruding ball. All you have to do is apply a little pressure inward and it’s done. The pump dislodges on one side and the bracelet comes off completely.

To put on your new bracelet, keep the watch on the cloth or towel with the dial turned over. Insert one side of the pump of the band into the corresponding hole on the lug, then apply slight pressure on the lug to reduce the size of the pump and slide it into the other hole. Click.
The watch strap is correctly positioned.

Set your buckle

When you receive your watch, the buckle is folded back on itself and linked to only one part of the bracelet. The advantage of the double folding buckle or butterfly clasp allows you to adjust the strap once on your wrist and prolong the leather’s hold over time.

If you are unfamiliar with this buckle, follow the following steps while performing the operations on a soft fabric or backing to prevent scratches.

For the right fit

  1. To unfold the buckle, two pushers located on either side of the buckle will release the rest of the buckle once compressed.
  2. You now have a buckle made up of 3 metal bands – one is already attached to the bracelet (C), the central one (B) is the longest band where the two pushers are located, then finally the back band (A) whose end engraved with the Beaubleu logo opens like a clip.
  3. Open the small pliers by applying pressure on both sides of the workpiece. Since this part is new, the joint may be strong.
  4. Then slide this open clip along the bracelet. Insert the small metal tip into the hole corresponding to your wrist size, then close the pliers completely.

Be ready in two “Clic”

Now that your bracelet is in your size, all you have to do to close it on your wrist is to fold it in order piece A over piece B. Press the end until you hear a click. Then fold piece C over B, making sure to pass the remaining end of the bracelet through the first loop, and finally press the clip until you hear a customer.

International warranty

The international warranty applies to all Beaubleu watches sold by the Beaubleu Paris brand or an official partner, presented for inspection or repair under warranty in all countries.

In accordance with Beaubleu Paris’ instructions, any service, repair or other intervention on your watch that has not been carried out by a Beaubleu Paris or an approved repair center will invalidate the international warranty. In addition, Beaubleu reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement of parts if the Beaubleu watch has been inappropriately or improperly used.

We guarantee your watch against any defect in conformity as well as any defect in the materials used for a period of two years from the date of purchase, with the exception of the movement, which is guaranteed for 10 years.

If during this period, your watch shows one of these defects, we undertake to repair it free of charge. Once the warranty period has elapsed, you will be invoiced for the labor and pieces used for a repair.

In order to get the benefit from this warranty, you must present your warranty card duly completed, dated, and signed by Beaubleu. We, therefore, recommend that you carefully keep your Beaubleu warranty card, as only this one will make the warranty valid.

If necessary, we recommend that you send the watch, to be inspected or repaired, to Beaubleu’s customer service department or to an official Beaubleu distributor.

When shipping your watch, we recommend that you pack it very carefully and insure the shipment with a trusted carrier to avoid any incident during transport.