After a few weeks full of emotions, we have decided to share the crazy Beaubleu adventure and the launch of our new Collection Union with our Kickstarter campaign. A common success with a lot of twists and turns!

Unity is strength

35 days of joy, enthusiasm and will power, but also some moments of anxiety and unexpected (otherwise, it would not be funny…). 35 days to become closer together with our Beaubleu community. This project, that we carried to heart, could not be what it became without your support and your enthusiasm. 

Launched on February 29th (lucky day?), our Kickstarter goal of 42K € has been exceeded in less than 24 hours, instead of the 35 days planned. An amazing start, full of memorable memories for the Beaubleu House and its community. 

Quickly, we created the keen interest of watchmaking experts in France and abroad, with press articles worldwide – actually, we count more than 25 press releases!

During these weeks, the number of backers did not stop growing (more than twice), and made us reach more than 300% of our final objective: 128 443 €.

A common accomplishment that gives us the opportunity to serenely launch the Union Collection production thoroughly prepared upstream. 

Beaubleu Paris Brio Blue automatic watch limited edition made in France

The birth of the watches with our Kickstarter campaign

In a few hours, our backers will receive a survey on Kickstarter to finalize their choices of watch, strap and other options available.

As every good thing comes to an end, the preorders will continue on our website at a higher price than the one proposed on Kickstarter. 

Over the production, we will publish a detailed diary about the birth of the Union Collection, on our different digital platforms (website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et Newsletters).

Today, our craftsmen and professional partners are ready to start production, and even if the world is facing a complicated period, our daily discussions assure the best manufacturing monitoring.

We stay at your complete disposal to answer your questions. 

We wish you wonderful hours.

The Beaubleu team. 

You got it, you will be able to preorder our new Union Collection from February 29th at 00:01. To centralize and simplify the preorder process, everything will happen with the crowdfunding platform called Kickstarter. Never heard about it? No worries, this article is made for explaining how the platform works and the simple step to follow to preorder your watch.

Kickstarter, what is it?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform with the objective to achieve for starting the production. Through this process, you take part in the Beaubleu adventure and you have the opportunity to have your watch before anyone else.

Our goal is to reach and overtake the crowdfunding objective –the sky is the limit. When the campaign will end, we will start the manufacturing process of your watch. 

How does it work?

Our Kickstarter page will be online on February 29th at 00:01. This page gives you access to all the details concerning the new collection, from the creation to the production chain. After learning everything about our project (if you did not know it), discover the 3 simple steps to follow for preordering your watch:

1. Your reward selection

When you are on our Kickstarter page, on the right side, you will see a column with different rewards. You just have to select the one you want.

2. Subscription & payment in a few clicks

After having selected your reward, you will be invited to subscribe to Kickstarter in a few seconds. When your personal informations are completed, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page, the preorder final step.

3. Watch choice & options

When our Kickstarter campaign will end (April 5th), we will send you a survey about your watch choice(s) and the options available (strap, engraving, etc).

Finally, we will keep you in touch about the different manufacturing steps until the reception of your watch in July.

The Beaubleu adventure continues, thanks to you. Your support on Kickstarter will help us to extend our brand and to be internationally known. Let’s start this new chapter together on February 29th!

Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm.

We wish you wonderful hours.

The Beaubleu team.

Something is getting prepared and you might know it after seeing some blurry pictures on Instagram. However, the suspense will last a few days… We are going to reveal it and this time, the women will take part. But before this, we will share with you our vision of the watch for women. We already heard that the woman was the future of the man and if she was also the future of the watchmaking?

Let’s make a point about the watch for women

Once upon a time… The women were the first ones to wear the wristwatch, while men wanted to keep their pocket watches… However, the women have quickly been qualified as “superficial”, more interested by the esthetics (always more glitters please) of the watch than the beauty of the mechanism. Thus, the watchmakers give automatically quartz movement, considered as less prestigious and without rewinding (as if the women were slack). Today, the women want to get out of these boxes, created without their knowledge, by taking watches for men. Confronting this reality, a few brands have decided to take masculine models and make it for women. But is it really enough?

And what does Beaubleu think about it?

We have the feeling that the women have been forgotten by the watchmaking industry. When we think of it, it is not only a feeling, they have been completely forgotten! Despite the effort of brands to re-establish the place of the watch for women, we think that adapting the existing masculine models is far to be enough. Like men, the women deserve that we think of their own models, concerning the mechanism or just the design and the poetry of the watch. After all, the watch is more a way to personalize the time whose symbol is not necessarily butterflies or flowers, isn’t it?

Beaubleu Paris Brio Emerald Green automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

Finally, today what do the women really want? No distinction between men and women. For this, what a better idea that creating a same and unique collection for everyone? A collection that has been thought as much for women as for men. This new universal collection defines our vision of the watchmaking for women: to link our circular hands’ poetry to the innovative automatic movement which animated our watches. It is time to refocus on enjoying more to wear a watch for what it expresses for you than to know if it has been created for men or for women.