As we use to tell you with Atelier Penso, meeting a craftsman means the travel, which is as much interesting as incongruous. The chance brings us out of Paris, in the middle of the south of France’s vines, where we meet Romy, founder of Lignée Studio.

The time: complex material to create

When we arrive, we question ourselves about this beautiful location to talk about art, creation and design. A wine domain to talk about design? Yes, everything started there for Romy and it is a beautiful story. First, a smell from the winery room comes to our nose, the smell of the soft humidity which keep safe the wine and the wood. Once we get in, Romy shares with us the heart of her creation, not about wine but time, the one which improve and tell a story. We travel in the times: past, present and future. We have been fascinated by Romy’s capacity to be inspired by shapes and uses of the past. There are the ones with her father, where the hand’s intelligence brings to spontaneity and personality in the making. This location where we are, overhung by a luminaire composed of 1000 bottles of wine in the Winery room.

Creating an object as a jewel, creating a jewel as an object

Questioning the essence of the jewel itself, where the owner is not only a person but also a place. It extends the identity of the location and of the owner. Of course, we are inspired and when we ask how she created this link between the creation and the owner, she answers naturally “as you came here, the same sensitive, olfactory, visual and sensory process”. Recreating the emotional link with the objects we are surrounded by, for a use more just and poetic, a creed that Beaubleu approve completely.