Woman : what to wear with a leather watch ?

The leather watch is an accessory that has always seduced women and remains timeless despite its age. This watch can be worn in various ways, on all occasions and in all seasons. Here are some tips on how to wear a watch with a leather strap.

Matching materials and colors

If there is one absolute rule in fashion, it is the harmony of materials and colors. If you wear a woman’s leather watch, regardless of its brand or style, it is preferable to highlight and recall the leather strap with other pieces. For example, a leather bag in the same color as your watch and leather shoes or boots in the same tones can give you a chic and distinguished style. 

However, you don’t have to match the exact same tone of leather of your watch with your clothes and accessories. On the contrary, a slight contrast can highlight and emphasize this ornament. For example, if you are wearing a light colored women’s leather watch, a dark-colored top can bring out the strap and make it even more visible.

A watch for all occasions

The advantage of a women’s leather strap watch is that it can be worn for almost any occasion. For work, such a watch goes perfectly with suits. Here too, the color scheme must be respected. For parties, dates, and other family occasions such as the holiday season, the leather watch is equally welcome. It can be freely matched with a sober and dark outfit or a brighter and more cheerful one. 

To make sure you don’t make any mistakes and have a flexible watch that fits all styles, don’t hesitate to get one with interchangeable straps. By doing so, you give yourself more leeway when choosing your outfit. If you feel that coat or dress doesn’t go well with your brown leather watch band, simply replace it with one of a different color.

In any case, rely on your own taste and preferences while doing your best to match and enhance your leather watch.