The quality of the Miyota movement, a Japanese rigor

Wearing a prestigious watch adds elegance to your style. More than an accessory to tell the time, it is also a jewel that enhances your style. Beaubleu offers unique models with refined designs. The hands have been redesigned and replaced by circles giving a vision of space and time that intertwines at every moment. For the mechanism, we selected the Miyota movement and used high quality materials for its design. Japanese rigor in the service of luxury watchmaking.

Why choose the Miyota movement?

Opting for the Miyota movement is choosing excellence. For decades, the Japanese requirement has proven itself. It has developed an automatic device that is now renowned and has nothing to envy its Swiss counterparts :

  • Refined and precise needle movement ;
  • reliability and robustness ;
  • automatic or manual winding ;
  • average power reserve of 42 hours ;
  • superior quality at an affordable price.

When Parisian art mixes with Japanese technology

It is in our workshop located in Paris that our watches are created and assembled by professionals. Unique creations that are born on paper and shaped like a work of art. Sober and elegant, they are dressed with interchangeable genuine leather straps. On your wrist, a marvel of watchmaking, combined with the high-end mechanics of the Miyota movement. An automatic recharge that drives the round hands over time for a precise and harmonious reading of the time.

Luxury and watchmaking

Wearing a Beaubleu watch is an experience. Affirm your style with prestige and enhance your personality. For a gift or for your own pleasure, let yourself be seduced by the Union collection and proudly wear this luxury jewel, a symbol of eternity.

Mouvement automatique Miyota 9015 pour nos montres aus aiguilles rondes Beaubleu Paris