What are the mainstays of Beaubleu?

Since our beginnings, we have been keen to share with you our vision of the watchmaking and the time. Today, we are going to present you three main Beaubleu’s mainstays on which Beaubleu stands ?

French know-how, the first mainstay of Beaubleu

For Beaubleu, the know-how starts with the origins of our designer and co-founder, Nicolas. Parisian since his first day, the elegance, the effervescence, the paradoxes and the beauty of the capital are the foundations of his inspiration and the creation of our timepieces. Indeed, the inscription “création parisienne” on the dial of our watches is a direct reference to the French local know-how, which plays a key role in the creation of Beaubleu watches. This Parisian anchorage allows us to ensure a meticulous follow-up during the assembly and control steps. Another important point is our wish to work directly with our professional partners. Why ? Just because without intermediaries, the relationships are stronger with a better understanding of everyone’s needs, to finally offer you the best quality possible.

Through this apporach, our goal is to create local synergies and strong relationships to develop French watchmaking (at our level, of course). French watchmaking is an opportunity, we take it.

The production with limited edition collections

Have you ever noticed the inscription “limited edition” and the serial number on the case back of a Beaubleu watch? And, if we told you that behind this inscription there is a more advanced philosophy concerning the creation and production of our pieces? Let’s discover it !

By offering you limited edition collections, which will not be reissued, we create an uncomfortable but fertile environment for innovation. As we are often unsatisfied, we always look for a new singularity and poetry in order to express it through our creations.

But what else? Producing in small quantities allows us to maintain a high level of quality. Indeed, making an excellent quality for one watch is not the same constraint as for 10 000 watches. This is why having a controlled production contributes strongly to a better quality of the watches.

Finally, all the watches produced are numbered to certify their uniqueness. A rarity that creates a special relationship between the watch and the Ambassador. An established house’s mainstay since the launch of the first timepieces.

Our universal vision of watchmaking

Are they only for men? Do you have a collection for women? These are the types of questions you often ask, and we like to answer them to explain our vision.

First of all, we think that the style of a watch should not be defined for a man or a woman, but it should transcend this dichotomy. Indeed, the choice of a watch is more related to the choice of dimensions, design, or comfort of the watch, but especially not to the gender of the customer.

Beyond butterflies, skulls, and other gender embellishments, we believe that the experience is the keystone of our creations. A Beaubleu watch is a watch that tells a story. A story that everyone can perceive differently depending on the light or the occasion. This is how we express the idea of a universal watch throughout the Union collection.

And here we are, you now know the three mainstays of Beaubleu. Each piece is based on these fundamental principles that define Beaubleu’s philosophy and its vision of watchmaking.

Wishing you wonderful hours,

Team Beaubleu