Kickstarter launch, let’s resume this unique day

Saturday, February 29th, what a day! Some people told us that this symbolic date – only happening every 4 years – was going bring luck to us, but honestly, we have been really surprised! After months of preparation, passing by every possible emotion, at exactly 00:00, we opened the Kickstarter campaign. And with the February 28th that we had, we really did not expect such a good day…

One-in-two day

As you know, last Saturday was the start of our Kickstarter campaign. Then, it was an evidence to organize an event reflecting the expectations. SO we created a big day to discover and preorder the Union Collection, in the heard of Paris, in the famous location of Le Marais. For 12 hours, we welcomed our community, a unique moment of sharing and communication with our Beaubleu Ambassadors, but also some now encounter with persons which quickly became Ambassadors this day.

The day before, we prepared the last things and handled the unexpected (it couldn’t be as funny without them of course). From 10 am, we were ready to welcome you the entire day. What an enthusiasm, it was a real pleasure to present the collection and answer to each question you asked. We planned some words from Nicolas at 6:30, so you can imagine our joy when we finally reached and exceeded our goal at 6:20 pm… FUNDED, WE MADE IT!

We really want to thank every person for their support, we couldn’t dream of a better moment.

Beaubleu Paris Intrepide Alabaster White automatic watch limited edition made in france

A good start for our Kickstarter campaign

This Kickstarter campaign is a “first time” for us, as you may know. As we told you, at 00:00 we push the “launch the project” button (not stressful at all…). A second later, the first preorders arrived.

At midday, we reached 50% of our objective and finally exceeded it at 6:20 pm. It is the result of a beautiful collaboration with our community and friends of the House.

Today, Wednesday, March 4t, we are at 75 592 € (180% of the goal). We have now Ambassadors in the entire world (US, Australia, Japan, Norway, …).

It is only the beginning; we have 30 days to go before the end of the campaign and we hope to reach new objectives with surprises coming… We will keep you informed of the evolution!

You’ve probably done it, but if you don’t, share our amazing Beaubleu adventure on Kickstarter.