How to recognize a quality watch ?

Watches have been enjoying a strong resurgence of interest in recent years. The advent of connected watches has repositioned the watch as a useful and youthful fashion accessory, but also revalued mechanical watches. Indeed, if having the latest connected watch is trendy, wearing a quality automatic watch on your wrist is a highly appreciated sign of taste. But it is still necessary to know the main signs of a quality watch.

An automatic watch, an accessory of status more than of look

Quality sometimes sounds like luxury, but you can have a quality watch without it being at a real luxury watch price. This is the main pitfall for the general public, price does not equal quality.

Sign of wealth or high status, the watch can easily be counterfeited, which will harm a brand and will not satisfy its owner. This is why it is important to know the few signs that allow you to be sure of the manufacturing quality of the watch.

The 3 signs to recognize a quality watch

Here are some tips on how to recognize the real value and quality of a watch :

  • The mechanism : the mechanism is the heart of the watch, it is one of the most important elements of a mechanical watch. A quality mechanism will have a smooth and discreet movement. A jerky hand is a very bad sign.
  • The quality of the materials : the quality of the dial and the glass is an excellent indicator of the quality of manufacture. A watch is an object of great precision, if the finish is not of high quality, then the watch will not be either.
  • The certificate : it certifies the characteristics of your watch. Without it, it is difficult to be sure of certain characteristics without dismantling the watch.

Watches are special accessories that have great societal importance. They are often a reflection of our personality, but also of our social status, as such, they can be misused. Knowing the main points that make a wristwatch, a quality watch is essential for an amateur as a lover of beautiful watches.