How can the dial of a watch change its whole design?

A watch is an advanced technology and its design is a unique concept. The design of a watch encompasses all of its visible elements such as the bracelet, the case, the watch face and the various elements that are displayed on it. The dial is the figurehead of your watch, it instantly reveals what type of watch you are dealing with.

The impact of the dial on the design of a watch

The dial is one of the first elements that an amateur will look at. Through the design of the watch face, one can guess the first inspirations of the designer.

Thus, we can find the skeleton watches which offer to the sight of all, the dials and especially the movements.

We can also mention the guilloche dials which correspond to the presence of very fine patterns with crossed lines.

These types of dials are often related to their future or assumed use. Like pilot’s watches or diving watches. Depending on its destination, the design emphasizes different characteristics such as the readability of different elements like totalizers or readability in poor light.

The composition of the dial

The composition of the dial is also to be taken into account, beyond metals like silver or brass, they can be composed of more exotic materials.

There are, for example, meteorite dials, enameled dials or mother of pearl dials.

Meteorite dials have become very rare, as this material is protected by Namibian law and can no longer be exploited.

The enameled dials are based on the skills of the past to create a dial with an inimitable and particularly recognizable shine.

The mother-of-pearl dials, on the other hand, use the noble material of certain shells. However, mother-of-pearl is a particularly fragile material, but it gives the dial a reflection and a shine that are highly sought after in the watchmaking world.

Whether through its design or its materials, a watch face is the cornerstone of your watch. It is what every watch lover will see first and it is through its design and its characteristics that we can gauge this watch.