Men : what to wear with a black watch ?

With a black watch, any man’s outfit will be sublimated and will impose its style whatever the occasion. But should we only opt for this watch? What accessories can we associate with this already rich and timeless object? Let’s discover today how to complete an elegant and sporty outfit with a black watch.

What color clothes to wear with a black watch?

A black watch is a must-have accessory for men. Many brands offer classic or modern iconic models. So finding a coveted black watch and pairing it with a look that fits the occasion shouldn’t be too difficult.

But what color of clothing should you choose to perfect the look? The answer depends on the circumstances, personal taste and style. In many cases, it is always wise to opt for neutral tones such as gray, beige or white if you want a classic look. If you want a bolder look, colors like navy blue, red or olive green might be the best options.

What other accessories should I pair with my black watch?

Finally, shoes, shirts and suits can also be an integral part of the look one has chosen to complement their black watch. For a formal suit or tuxedo, the best choice is to wear black or dark brown leather shoes. A white shirt and tie of any color is a great alternative to pair it with a stainless steel watch. For a sportier outfit, opt for white shoes and a solid color polo shirt. A chest pocket is also a great piece with such a look.

A black watch is the ultimate accessory to complete a masculine outfit. The best way to put the pieces together is the one that suits your personal taste and embodies the style you are looking for. With these tips, the perfect reference to complete the outfit can be found without any problems!