Opening of our first Beaubleu store in Paris

From the 5th to the 10th, passing through the depths of the 15th and 16th districts, our peregrinations were just like our adventure: singular, dynamic and definitely Parisian. We met you during presentations in hotel lounges, art galleries, and even, in the laboratory of a starred chef. But now, and for a long time, we will meet at 70 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth in the 3rd arrondissement, in our first Beaubleu store in Paris.

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A path to the first Beaubleu store in Paris

It is always a special moment to consider a place to live, a place where you can fully express yourself, a place to receive your friends and build memories. Of course, we were dreaming about it but it was important to find the right moment. Not to give in to the ego of having your own store and learn to build a strong community before moving into a new home

So after 3 years of rubbing shoulders, exchanging and creating together. The time had come to take the plunge and put the Maison aux aiguilles rondes and its community on the map.

We tried to keep it a surprise as long as possible, because it’s certainly nice to want to move in, but it’s another story to find a place… (especially in Paris).

Like many things for Beaubleu, it is finally at random while wandering in Paris that my eyes landed on a discreet inscription: “permanent space available”. This little ad was taped on an art gallery in the heart of the Haut-Marais. Perfect alignment of the needles or the planets, the chance came and we seized it!

In order to prepare the surprise for you, it is with the help of a few friends, ambassadors and a lot of elbow grease that we have built the first Beaubleu store in Paris.

Although the announcement is just official, a first question often comes up. What is the process to have a first store? As you will have understood from these first lines, having a first boutique is like having your first apartment with your lover. It’s a beautiful milestone that doesn’t mark the end of an adventure but the beginning of great things.

Your meeting place

Located in the old watchmakers’ district where you can stroll from art galleries to singular restaurants, you can discover the Klein blue front (yes, a beautiful blue, we’ve already done it). It is now open at 70 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, between the Temple and Arts-et-Métiers districts. Without revealing all the details of the Beaubleu store, you can enter a space where each watch is immersed in typical scenographies of our universe. Design and poetic.

It is a place that we are gradually dressing up with works of art and design furniture. A meeting place where it will not only be a question of trying on watches. It will also be a place where the community can live around events, parties, collaborations and meetings.

Thank you again for all the support and passion you put into making the Maison aux aiguilles rondes grow. This Beaubleu store in Paris is yours.

Yours sincerely,