Accuracy of Automatic Watches: How It Is Ensured

The accuracy of an automatic watch is a crucial aspect for watch enthusiasts. Automatic watches are renowned for their precision, but how is it ensured? In this article, we will explore the mechanisms and techniques used to guarantee the accuracy of automatic watches.

Automatic Winding Mechanism

The accuracy of an automatic watch is ensured through its automatic winding mechanism. This system allows the watch’s movement to be wound using the kinetic energy generated by the movements of the wrist. This ensures that the watch’s movement is constantly powered, avoiding accuracy losses due to a lack of energy.

Regulation of the Automatic Watch

The accuracy of an automatic watch is also guaranteed through the regulation of its movement. Regulation involves finely adjusting the components of the movement to achieve optimal precision. This is done using regulating screws to adjust the oscillation frequencies of the balance wheel. Our watches are hand-regulated to ensure maximum accuracy.

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Precision Testing

Lastly, the accuracy of an automatic watch is ensured through precision testing conducted before sale. Automatic watches undergo precision tests to ensure they meet established accuracy standards. These tests may include precision measurements over periods of up to one week to guarantee consistent accuracy over an extended period. We guarantee all watches in our collection to be within -7 to +7 seconds per day. It is a mark of quality that we are proud of and positions our movement among the best.

In conclusion, the accuracy of an automatic watch is ensured through a combination of mechanisms, techniques, and rigorous testing. The automatic winding mechanism, manual regulation, and precision tests are all key elements that contribute to guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of automatic watches. Our brand utilizes these techniques to ensure the accuracy of our watches, and it is important to seek out automatic watches that have undergone these tests and mechanisms to ensure the highest possible precision. The accuracy of an automatic watch is an important aspect that contributes to its overall quality and value, and it is essential to consider these elements when purchasing an automatic watch.