Pin buckle, why is comfort so important for a watch ?

A watch is both a tasteful and technical object that is worn, experienced and handled day and night. It cannot avoid a constant search for ergonomics, a series of adjustments to the human being. Far from being concerned only with a certain gongorism, it meets your requirements which are :

  • Your operating modes ;
  • your sizes ;
  • your needs.

It is in the same vein that the clasp involves these ergonomic rules in the design of a watch, playing a determining role in its subsequent success.

Comfort, this new luxury

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”, said Coco Chanel. There must have been some truth in Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s words, which is still true today in the making of the watch clasp.

The pin buckle is a very simple mechanism that consists of a buckle and a pin, both connected by a pivot. On one side of this mechanism, there is a series of holes ready to receive the pin. By inserting this pin into the holes and the bracelet precisely wound in these guide strips, the bracelet is perfectly closed. There’s nothing mind-boggling about the way it works. Yet it is the essential companion to any bracelet and detail that will allow you to experiment with new styles as well as feel reinvented, always with class.

The pin buckle, the travel companion of elegance

The eminence of the buckle lies in its tasteful minimalism. It is a simple mechanism that works no harder than a simple belt. That’s why it’s found on most leather straps and some of the most elegant watches.

In terms of convenience, the pin buckle looks great on all types of wrists thanks to its limited use of a large number of moving parts. It is thinner, which definitely makes it more comfortable. The pin buckle does not hinder the movement, it is like a second skin for the watch. It ensures the perfect meeting between comfort and elegance, between practicality and refinement.

Beaubleu Paris Olympe iconic automatic watch limited edition made in France man with grained leather strap