Birthdays and other occasions to offer a watch

A useful object for some of you, a fashion accessory, a piece of jewelry for others, and a passion (or even an obsession) for the latter. The watch is the ideal gift to give or to have given for one’s 30th birthday and other occasions.

Indeed, our lives are punctuated by changes, and we are not the same at 30, 40, or 50. Whether we are men or women, our aspirations and desires change over time.

So, to highlight the occasion of these different passages, the tradition of giving a watch has been established. Listing all these possibilities would make the following words quite time-consuming. So we will only focus on the 18th birthday watch, the 30th birthday watch, and of course, the engagement watch.

The passage to adulthood

The 18th birthday watch, or first watch, has a long tradition. Synonymous with coming of age, it is often a watch passed down from father to son, or mother to daughter. A watch with a history that is just as exciting as the watch itself. However, while tradition dictated that the watch should be handed down from generation to generation, today it is more appropriate to give a new watch, a watch that the future wearer has been waiting for.

The tradition of the 30th birthday watch

If your twenties are the decade of exploration, your thirtieth birthday is considered more as an entry into adult life. We know ourselves better, our tastes are more refined and assertive. Your thirties are a time when it’s more possible to indulge yourself, to show what an accomplished man and woman you are!

The watch to celebrate an engagement

A watch is an object to which we refer several times during the day, as many occasions to think of the person who gave us the watch as to remember the beautiful moments spent together.

At the time of engagement, the woman receives a ring with a diamond whose hardness originally represented the strength of the couple. Giving the man a watch is another symbol, a pledge of the couple’s eternity. In other words, the object represents the passing of time. This is one of the singular beauties of the watch object, we become attached to a piece beyond the design but to the story, it tells about us.

It will no longer be (almost) a Beaubleu but “the watch of your …” It’s up to you to tell the rest