Our vision of the watch for women

Something is getting prepared and you might know it after seeing some blurry pictures on Instagram. However, the suspense will last a few days… We are going to reveal it and this time, the women will take part. But before this, we will share with you our vision of the watch for women. We already heard that the woman was the future of the man and if she was also the future of the watchmaking?

Let’s make a point about the watch for women

Once upon a time… The women were the first ones to wear the wristwatch, while men wanted to keep their pocket watches… However, the women have quickly been qualified as “superficial”, more interested by the esthetics (always more glitters please) of the watch than the beauty of the mechanism. Thus, the watchmakers give automatically quartz movement, considered as less prestigious and without rewinding (as if the women were slack). Today, the women want to get out of these boxes, created without their knowledge, by taking watches for men. Confronting this reality, a few brands have decided to take masculine models and make it for women. But is it really enough?

And what does Beaubleu think about it?

We have the feeling that the women have been forgotten by the watchmaking industry. When we think of it, it is not only a feeling, they have been completely forgotten! Despite the effort of brands to re-establish the place of the watch for women, we think that adapting the existing masculine models is far to be enough. Like men, the women deserve that we think of their own models, concerning the mechanism or just the design and the poetry of the watch. After all, the watch is more a way to personalize the time whose symbol is not necessarily butterflies or flowers, isn’t it?

Beaubleu Paris Brio Emerald Green automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

Finally, today what do the women really want? No distinction between men and women. For this, what a better idea that creating a same and unique collection for everyone? A collection that has been thought as much for women as for men. This new universal collection defines our vision of the watchmaking for women: to link our circular hands’ poetry to the innovative automatic movement which animated our watches. It is time to refocus on enjoying more to wear a watch for what it expresses for you than to know if it has been created for men or for women.