Beaubleu, the automatic watch brand with French values

We love automatic watches because they are valuable in terms of craftsmanship, price, and sentiment. A luxury French watch is a timeless gift, a long-term investment. It will always shine on your wrist and make you stand out. If you are looking for this model of watch, visit Beaubleu to select your favorites.

Why choose an automatic watch?

At Beaubleu, we have a wide range of high quality watches to offer you. Discover our automatic watches made with quality materials. Our models are available with interchangeable straps. These are beautiful watches with round hands that will look just right on your wrist.
Green, blue, black, brown dial… You are spoilt for choice. At Beaubleu, we invite you to proudly display excellence in watchmaking.

Why choose a French watch?

Choose our watch models that are distinguished by an automatic movement and their round hands. Our watches are robust, slim and reliable. Characterized by a power reserve of 42 hours, they are models that can be recharged by the mere movement of your wrist. We have many years of experience in the field of watchmaking. As a result, our watches are guaranteed for years.

Here are some other reasons why you might want to choose one of our watches:

  • Aesthetics: find our watches that do not fear the repetitive rhythms of each day. These models are perfectly symmetrical. You will be captivated by their great beauty.
  • A mix of contrasts: our watches have a case with a brushed and polished finish, which testifies to our know-how.
  • Watches assembled in Paris: You will also find watches assembled in our workshops in Paris. So you can be sure to find a traditional and meticulously applied know-how.