Automatic Watch Lugs: Understanding Their Role and Functioning

In watchmaking, lugs are the parts of the case that allow the bracelet to be attached to the watch. They are located at the top and bottom of the case and have horn-shaped structures. The bracelet is attached between the two lugs using a bar called an “interhorn bar”. The lugs have holes to fix the interhorn bar, which passes through a hole at the end of the bracelet. The shapes, sizes, and lengths of the lugs may vary depending on the type of watch and brand. Some watches have straight lugs, while others follow the natural curve of the wrist. The distance between the lugs also determines the type of bracelet compatible with the watch.

Different Types of Watch Lugs

Different types of lugs on a watch include straight lugs, wrapped lugs, curved lugs, cushion lugs, Explorer lugs, Crab Pincer lugs, and Tear Drop lugs. Each of these lug shapes has its unique characteristics, such as straight lugs being the most common, curved lugs having a curved edge, Explorer lugs having a square appearance, and Tear Drop lugs having the shape of a teardrop. Some watch brands are also associated with specific lug types, such as the Omega Speedmaster with curved lugs and the Rolex Explorer with Explorer lugs.

Beaubleu Lugs

Beaubleu watches are distinguished by their unique hollowed-out lugs. These lugs, located at the top and bottom of the case, allow the bracelet to be attached to the watch case. Their slightly curved shape follows the natural curve of your wrist for optimal comfort. Their elegant and refined design adds a touch of sophistication to the watch.

Beaubleu montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Intrepide Blanc Albatre avec cornes en acier

Automatic watch lugs are a crucial element for attaching and protecting the case and bracelet in automatic watches. Understanding their functioning and role is important to ensure the precision, reliability, and durability of these watches. In the case of Beaubleu watches, it is also a matter of signature and design. Therefore, it is essential to understand their functioning and role.